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    Virtual Conference On
    Renewable Power 2020
    Department Of Electrical Engineering
    13-14 July, 2020
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    Virtual Conference
    On Renewable Power 2020

Virtual Conference on Renewable Power - 2020

Paper Submission (Final Deadline) date : 13th-14th July, 2020

Virtual Conference on Renewable Power-2020

Conference Overview:

The tremendous growth of renewable energy sources in the modern power systems is based on many years of dedicated research and technology development. New challenges and possibilities are arising with increasing renewable shares, but cost-effectiveness, reliability, robustness and security of the system must always be maintained. This requires new energy paradigm and new advanced solutions.

  • Rajouri,Jammu


  • 13th - 14th July.


About the University

University Overview:

Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University has come into existence by an Act of Jammu & Kashmir Legislative Assembly called the Jammu & Kashmir Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University Act No. XVI of 2002. The University is also nurtured by the Jammu & Kashmir Wakf Council. The motto of the University is "Iqra bismi Rabbik alladi Khalaq" which means, "Read in the name of GOD who has created all that exists". It reflects the vision and idealism for which the university stands. The objective identified for the university in the Act is to import quality education and undertake research in basic and job oriented fields. Accordingly, the university has launched postgraduate teaching programmes in Business Management, Financial Management, Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Arabic, Applied Mathematics and B. Tech in Electronics and Communication, Computer Sciences & Engineering and Information Technology. The University campus is located at the foothills of the great Himalayan Pir Panjal range in Rajouri, 154 KM from Jammu, the Winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir State. Regular bus service, video-coaches and shared taxis meandering their way by the sparkling streams through the thick-pine forests make the 3 and a half hours journey between Jammu & Kashmir a mesmerizing experience. The region in which the university is located has rich geographic, climatic and cultural diversity. The climate varies from subtropical in the southern parts to temperate in montane northern fringes. The average temperature varies from 7ºc during winters to 37ºc during summers. The average annual rainfall is 500 mm. The snow-capped peaks of the mighty Himalaya, rich biodiversity and valuable agri-diversity make the entire Rajouri-Poonch region a nature lover's paradise. The teaching programme designed by various Academic bodies of the university are interactive, flexible and hands on; directed towards helping learners to gain the ability to confidently and effectively answer real life challenges.

About the Department Of Electrical Engineering

Department Overview:

The Department trains young men and women for careers in engineering. It offers learning environment to nurture talent and endeavors to promote innovation and develop professionalism in students. The Department is striving to become a Centre of excellence in engineering by initiating research and promoting consultancy services. The B. Tech. programmes of the Department aim at taking advantage of the technology boom and generate trained manpower that will have ready job market. The purposefully employed young men and women will usher in economic transformation in the state. All B. Tech. programmes are approved by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). Besides the amenities available to all University students, the department offers some extra amenities to its students which include: Library : The library has a large collection of Engineering books, journals and newspapers. A separate Book Bank has been established which provides prescribed text books to all students, those of the socially disadvantaged classes in particular. Hi -Tech. Class rooms and Labs : Class rooms have latest infrastructure such as digital devices, OHP, etc. required for presentations. All laboratories are fully equipped for carrying out prescribed lab. work. The laboratories are modernized, and at par with the expectations of the industry. Industrial Relations : In order to focus on interaction with industry an exclusive cell, called the Industry Institute Partnership Cell, has been set up which is the focal point of sustained relationship with industry for: consultancy programmes, industry specific training programmes, mentorship programme for students by Industry experts, and guest lectures and industrial visits. Career Counseling & Placement Cell : The department has a separate Training & Placement Cell that helps students to achieve their goals. The Cell functions in tandem with the Centre for the Enhancement of Employability Skills of the University.


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    Virtual Conference on renewal power-2020

    The tremendous growth of renewable energy sources in the modern power systems is based on many years of dedicated research and technology development...

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