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Virtual Conference on Renewable Power - 2020

Conference Overview:
The huge growth of renewable energy sources in the modern power systems is based on many years of committed research and technology development. New challenges and possibilities are arising with increasing renewable shares, but cost-effectiveness, reliability, robustness and security of the system must always be maintained. This requires new energy paradigm and new advanced solutions.

The 2022 target by NITI Aayog (Govt. of India) is 175 GW of Renewable Energy in Indian Power System. The target is not a challenge in terms of finance but in terms of technical expertise.

The ICRP-2020 conference will address topics related to these specific areas: renewable technology development, renewable integration to the power system and associated challenges and solutions.

Regular Session :
The major tracks of the conference are following, but not limited to:

Track#1: Renewable Energy Sources and Technology
Track#2: Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Track#3: Smart Grid Technologies and Applications
Track#4: Transportation Electrification and Automotive Technologies
Track#5: Power Electronics and Applications
Track#6: Communication, VLSI, Signal Processing and Networking
Track#7: Smart materials for energy efficient solution
Track#8: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT
Track#9: Control, and Automation and Instrumentation
Track#10: Energy Management and Control System

Special Sessions:
The conference will include Special Sessions on highly specialized topic areas reporting technical trends and breakthroughs within the scope of the conference. Special Sessions are organized at the initiative of one or more individuals, who must adhere to specific procedures published on the conference website.

Last Date for Submission (Final Deadline): 13th-14th July, 2020;

Paper Submission:

Prospective authors are invited to electronically submit full papers in English, 6 pages, in pdf format through Submit Paper Following instructions accessible More Info.

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